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Why Digital Marketing Important in Network Marketing Industry 

Digital  media is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time,any place they want it and this has helped small,big companies prosper at high level because those who are interested in the service or  product always  use electron devices where it becomes easier to brand yourself ,bring the awareness of your service or product to the public. If you’re looking for a breakthrough into the Network Marketing industry there’s no better time than Now to lean about digital marketing .

I would like to share Tips for aspiring Why Digital Marketing Is Important to anyone who wish to kick-start their career today

The gap between sales and marketing is closing. The ability to generate demand and attract customers in a busy world will set apart those companies that grow rapidly from those who maintain the status quo. How you can establish your brand, market your services, qualify your leads and enable your sales team to make best use of their limited resources?

We focus on providing an integrated marketing service that integrates aspects ranging from SEO, ad-campaigns, marketing automation, lead nurturing, email and mobile campaigns and events into a coherent set of activities that drive demand and grow brand awareness. We enable your marketing teams in a digital world and allow sales teams to run their own campaigns and rate and grade leads to spend time on those activities that will provide the highest return.

Marketing on the Internet can feel rather chaotic – a lot of effort and seemingly little return. There are very many hurdles you need to leap in order to be successful – from getting buy-in from those with budgetary approval through to deciding what you believe will work for your company. While there are many more words of advice I can offer, these are a useful selection to start get your thought processes heading in the right direction

Take  a Look at 10  more Digital Marketing Tips

1 Broadcast emails are not effective

People have had enough of unsolicited emails. Unsolicited contacts fill our inboxes, they cause us to miss emails we actually want – they have become the scourge of modern digital marketing. In a sentence the broadcast email have mostly had its day. There are better ways to get in touch with your market.

2 Social Media works – and it’s ‘free’.

In life nothing is truly free. Social media platforms, while free to use will cost you time to engage with. Not a problem of course, if you do it right they do have their place and can be an excellent way to promote your business and generate sales. I like to think of social media as ‘digital marketing’, that way I make sure I don’t spend inordinate amounts of time watching silly videos and reading other peoples often pointless social interaction!

3 Build credibility before you sell via social media

Anyone can use social media – you’ve seen plenty of evidence of that no doubt! Problem is you or your bosses want immediate results from their marketing budget so you have to either lie or come up with a miracle. Social media IS a good way of developing brand awareness and sales but you have to build your credibility before it begins to gain traction. 90% of your tweets should not be about your business; they can be aligned to your business and use the same market sector for ideas but should be informative and give your target market a good reason to follow you. Make them want to follow you!

4 Join the right conversations and the right time

If you are well-enough informed about your own market you will understand this option right away. There is always an upcoming news piece or trending item that is of interest to your target market. Follow others, listen and contribute – fellow participants love that!

5 Test The Unusual

Of course you all know the expression ‘think outside the box’. Much as I hate these management expressions in this instance I think its relevance is definitely on the money. Come up with new ideas, say things that are a bit contentious, carry forward a wave of discussion. It really does work. You can also use poll technology to get responses to test your ideas.

6 Engage in online communities as a person first, as a marketeer second

It doesn’t matter what your market is, you will be aware that people buy from people. Don’t be a faceless actor, people recognize marketing for what it is – an attempt to part you from your money. Try being yourself first, become a useful point of information, give away advice, draw people to your social media platforms. People like to see you have more than one string to your bow; show interest in a few things you enjoy, it shows a broader, more interesting character.

7 Offer value on Twitter, don’t self-promote

Everyone on Twitter is trying to sell something, be it a product or themselves. Even the beginner adventurer is hoping someone likes him or her – that is a sale in their eyes. Make sure that no more than 1 in 8 or 1 in 10 of your interactions mentions your products, services or the opportunity to buy from you. There is no bigger turn-off than me-me-me!

8 Set goals, measure, and iterate

Don’t just participate, as you are determined to use this as a sales vehicle you must measure your accomplishments. Both Twitter and Facebook have excellent analytics tools. Never forget to use Google Analytics. Although you can get access to your stats, it is important to think about what they are telling you; 30,000 impressions on Twitter does NOT imply massive interaction, you can get no click-throughs even at this level of impressions. If you cannot get to grips with the numbers you cannot report back to your boss or, if you are the boss, justify your activity for ROI.

9 Humanize your blog

Whatever you do, whether it is a blog, a web page, or social media interaction, make it feel like a 1 to 1 discussion, drawing in your audience so they think you are an actual human talking directly to them. Not always easy to do but imagine what you are writing is going to be delivered to you – would you read it? And want more?

10 Keep your partners informed

Whatever your marketing environment it is important to communicate inwards as well as outwards. Let your own staff and partners know what you are saying to the market so the message remains consistent across the board. A confused message tells your prospects that you aren’t as professional as you think you are and so they will be less likely to do business with you. And you wouldn’t want that!


Along with the above, there are many other things that you can do to start Digital Marketing depending on your Niche.



Katongole Johnny

Internet Marketing Consultant,Life and Health Coach

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Do you have experience with any of these? What were the results of your efforts? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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