Steps How To Earn Money Online In USA


how to earn money online

Steps By Step How to Earn Real  Money Online In USA

and the World at Large

Learning how to make money online is difficult

.Especially when there is so much conflicting information floating around the web!

So here is the deal:

Watch Out How To Earn Money Online

In this post I am going to show you the easiest ways to start making,earning money online today following the simple steps if you’re teachable and you have desire to earn Big $$$$$$

Because once you figure it out, you’ll be free to live the life you deserve,desire.

And honestly:
Do you want to earn money on the internet?
You cannot join and pretend it’s a lotto ticket and sit and wait for the money to flow in. It will NOT. If you have a Job, do you show up at the job and do nothing?

You cannot Sit and wonder what to do without commitment, without reading updates, watching Vicks my Mentor’s Video updates, without going through 7-steps to results and as  free members ask questions what to do.

You are welcome to ask questions AFTER you have been through the backoffice education and AFTER you have read and watched the latest update.
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Do you feel overwhelmed? – Look here

Think for a moment – of an off-line Gift Shop

You Have Desire To Learn How To Earn Money Online

Think for a moment that you want to establish and open an off-line Gift Shop in your local town, what would you do?
This will be a really good training for you, because an online business is in many ways similar to an offline business.

First You need to find business premises, pay the first month rent for example $1,000 and 3 months deposit, that’s $4,000 up front and you haven’t even gotten the key yet.

Then a lot of planning, Painting, counter, furniture, equipment and inventory, Lighting, credit card terminal, Outdoor sign, insurance.

Do you complain that you needed to pay the rent? …that you had the expenses up front to establish everything, even before you could open the shop?

I don’t think so, you expected that. And you spent a lot of money before you could flip the door sign to “Open”

Congrats with your new Gift Store
Then what? – What will you do when you open your shop?

Obviously look for customers and hope some will come your way and make a purchase. One day take the other and you get very discouraged of your little sales. Perhaps I should start advertising in the local newspaper, make flyers, brochures and so on… the worries go on and the bills pile up.

Question for you?
Do you think a shop owner will regain all the expenses and break even in first month? – in 6 months? – in one year? – Answer: If you are lucky in 1-2 years. Will you quit after a month? – after 3 months? – after 6 months?

Then let’s look at an Online business

Everybody will earn money online, can you find one person who will not make money online? – Interesting that most people will make money online, right? – That means you have a huge customer potential!

Still most people consider an online business and earning money online as a “push of a button” “Get Rich Quick” thing and something you do not need to spend much time on, like a lotto ticket. And there should not be any expenses, it should be free and with no expenses.

Come on get real, even a lotto ticket you’ll have to pay for.

An online business do not require much, no business premises, no inventory, no business equipment except a computer and a coffee mug, which you probably already had.
No rent except the monthly fee $10 for the Autoresponder ,the ClickMagic tracking system price of $17 monthly and yearly payment for your domain as i will explain below.

It do require certain tools to run your online business: autoresponder, a landing page if you run a paid offer (use for example clickfunnels landingpage creator or MarketingMasteryelite ) and a tracking software (for example clickmagick). Total expenses around $27 monthly or with clickfunnels additional $97 monthly but at the moment you don’t need this If you promote MarketingMasteryelite free membership sales page, you don’t need clickfunnels,

Optional: Hosting for your domain (blog or website). Some of TecAdemics courses, get at least entrepreneur club ($100 monthly) there is a ton of videos and training.

Get Customers: Like the Gift Shop owner, you will also need customers to look at your online shop and since they probably  will not come by themselves you will need to advertise to get them to your business (landing page) and hopefully open the door to your shop (enter their email = optin) to look inside your shop and perhaps even make a purchase.

Question for you?
Why do people complain about the small monthly fee of $XX? – and complain that there are some expenses for needed tools? – Why do people quit after 1-2 months if they do not get results – and haven’t even bothered to get the tools and get things set up.

Did you take driving lessons to learn to drive a car? – were You expert after your lessons? – No of course not, after your lessons it is time to really learn and practice.

“Steps To Build and How To Earn Money Online”

Don’t  Complicate Things

98% of people do the  work  but get 2% Results

How do you fix this?

It’s Systematic Way To Get Success

What you need do as a Referral,Network,Affiliate,Direct,Online  Marketing Industry there 2 things

       1     RESULT  ,    2 SIMPLICITY 

There Three Components You Need To Master in This Industry.

1 You   Need a Product that’s the Vehicle of your Business

2 You Need a System that’s the Engine of your Business

3 You Need Traffic to generate to your Business that the Fuel of your Business

Get the Idea,Skill,Knowledge from the Video below to implement  in Your Business.

For those Who are  tired of theory,complexity,overloaded information and overwhelm-introducing

How Do Fix This? Watch The Video Below



World’s   Simplest Step By Step Guide To Make Money Online

1 You need Pick a Niche (Product)

2 You need a Domain Name to brand yourself not the company because people join people not companies

  Your own domain with an optin landing page

You have your own domain that goes to your optin landingpage.  FREE MarketingMasteryelite System  have landing page ,Squeeze page templates for the different funnels, you can install in few seconds with a Autoresponder HTML Share code. You don’t necessarily need to have your own website or blog to do online business.

An autoreponder with email series connected to your landing page (I recommend ,GVO,aweber,Getresponse )
When people opt-in, they get on your autoresponder email list and receive your emails automatically. After optin they get redirected to your sales page or bridge page. 

You promote any product online the same way
Your Landing Page ==> People optin ==> perhaps a Bridge Page ==> Your Sales Page that presents what you have ==> You build a list of emails and send emails about the product and give value to your subscribers. That’s a template and blueprint for selling any product online.

Bridge Page  You can have a special bridge page after opt-in and before the sales page. A short page where you welcome the subscriber that just opted in and present yourself with photo and maybe a video. So people know who you are and what they can expect before they come to the sales page. You have a button to next page = the sales page.

A salespage with a product to sell
It could be your own product, other peoples products or the FREE MarketingMasteryelite System  or TecAdemics products.

5. You Need a click tracking software
You should not do any business online without a click tracking software. I recommend you get clickmagick from the start, it’s only $17/month, just a small business expense.

6 Invisible Leveraging

7 Scale Big

It’s a learning curve
It’s a learning curve and a little struggle to get things set up and to write the emails, but when you have learned that, it’s not that difficult.
Once you know how, you can do it again in few hours. But if you are new and it’s first time, you need to learn how and need to follow the instruction .

When you have learned the elements of an online business, outlined above, you can easily create a new landing page and connect it to another sales page, a new autoresponder list with new set of emails to sell something completely different.

To set things up is a one time job and once you know how, it’s easy to do it again and create another landing page for a complete different offer.

After you have set up your business, it’s about traffic and how to get visitors to your business (Your landing page) and get them to opt-in and nurture your email contacts so they hopefully become visitors.

Your Business assets
Your business assets are your domain, your landing page, website, blog, facebook page and your email contacts and knowledge how to put everything together. And of course your computer and your coffee mug.

That’s the key elements in any online business. Once you master those things nobody can take it away from you and you may sell anything you like. That’s the goal why i came up with such a strategy  to bring you there and teach you how to become independent and not rely on any other business or system.


Shopify webstore another version of an online business
Another version of an online business is to start a shopify webstore, it’s more comparable to the offline “gift shop”. You have the storefront as landing page and your main focus should be to find products to your shelves, to advertise and fulfill the orders. It will be a good idea to collect emails from your customers. More on shopify on the TecAdemics & Shopify page

“How to Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing…”

WARNING! online marketing business

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