Prospecting And Inviting In Network Marketing

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Prospecting And Inviting In Network Marketing

Starting a Business online or Offline you need people ,  without people in any business is worthless .You have to Learn how to Prospect

and find new prospects for your products and services, you’ll need a hard-working prospecting program that reaches out to qualified prospects and moves them through the sales cycle from cold to warm to hot. Your program must incorporate a range of marketing tactics that, over time, bring prospects incrementally closer to a decision to hire you.
Prospecting and inviting is the most critical skill you need to develop to find success in your network marketing career. Prospecting is talking to people, and sharing your product and business, and inviting them to learn more via call, coffee, live meeting or event. How many will you have to talk to before you find success? Watch this video below to hear my odds–remember, yours could be different but it will give you a realistic idea of how long it could take, and that we need to maintain “marathon mentality”– it’s not a sprint or a race. Those who win, endure!
Watching the video, check out prospecting tips 

I brainstorm with my newbies regularly “who is your hottest prospect today, tell me about them, how can I help you reach out to them?” You can email them language, and prospecting tips too. For example:

Call or message people you know

 “I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I know you’ve built an incredible network in (place xxxx). I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I am building a business there and I immediately thought of you because I know how well networked you are there. I’m hoping I could share more about what we’re doing, and who we’re looking to partner with as we expand there, and see if this is a good fit for anyone you know in the area. I’d love to pick your brains and get ideas of how to expand my business there. Do you have just a few minutes so I can share more?” 

Talk to people who provide you service (waiters, bank tellers, cashiers, etc)

“Thanks for your great service today! We are looking for people like you for our business! I know you are working, but could we exchange information? I’d love to tell you more about what I do! What time are you off of work so I can call?”

 Talk to people when you’re out and about

Start with compliments—ask them questions about their family, where they work, etc. I like to eventually ask: Where are you from? –This question will lead you into what I like to call your “professional pick up line” later on.   Keep conversing like the game of ping pong, and eventually say how nice it was to meet them. Then ask: Do you have a card? Earlier you mentioned you were from <their city>. My business is expanding to <their city>. I would like to give you a call and take just a few minutes to tell you what we’re doing there, and who we’re looking for and pick your brain.  I’ve so enjoyed talking to you—I’d love to reconnect and see if you can help me out.”

OR Use the “Sample pack approach”

When you’re out, give compliments, ask a lot of questions, and network! Have a normal conversation. Before you leave: “I’ve loved chatting with you today and want to leave you a little gift. I wanted to share some products with you that I am in love with! I know you’ll love them too. There are instructions on how to use them. If you promise you will use them, I promise I will follow-up and stay in touch! Today is Sunday. I will call you on Tuesday to see how you love them. What time works best for you?” Exchange info, schedule a time to follow up, and FOLLOW UP!

Prospect on Facebook

“Hi Joanna! I realize this is out the blue…. hope you’re well! I know you live in Utah & that market is an important area of growth for my business for multiple reasons. You may or may not have a personal interest, but either way I would love to tell you who I am looking for in the hopes you might know someone. Can you please shoot me your cell? I’m hoping you can help me & would love to catch up with you if nothing else. (*personalize the conversation here*) Congrats on your darling son! 10-15 minutes is all I need, as I’m sure that’s all you have time for as well right now. Thanks & I’ll drop you another message later next week if I don’t hear from you first.” Thanks Amy Byrd for this language!

Teach them to invite people on to a call or coffee with you – or to your next meeting or event!

I tell my newbies: Now, you need to start calling people, and scheduling calls and coffees with me. I will present to them and help you to get new customers and consultants. Daily activity and consistency is key! Have long term vision, and give your business the time it takes to be successful! It only takes a few “power partners” to build a big business–but you never know how many you’ll have to talk to until you find them! So keep prospecting and inviting–and GO for your GOLD!

Other Steps How to Invite

How to Invite Your Prospects to Listen to Your Opportunity

You need to learn how to Invite,Approach or contact a prospect and simply just let them know you are in a network marketing business.

The Invite is the most important skill that you must learn. You don’t need to be good in “sales” to make your first check nor learn how to present.

But you do need to know what to SAY to your contacts.

Knowing “what to say” is The Invite.

If you don’t have enough prospects to talk to,

I want you to be CLEAR on what the Invite is NOT.

The “Invite” is NOT an official presentation.

The Invite is NOT “convincing” your prospects to join nor buy your products.

Many distributors prospect the wrong way. They try to sell their friends and get everyone to join their business and it is 1 of the 5 Common Mistakes that almost every distributor makes it this sets them up for failure.

It sets them up for failure because distributors become too pushy and desperate and simply just turn off their friends. Not only will their contacts reject them but they also lose all hope for successful followups later on because of their pushy approach.

What the Invite IS

So what is EXACTLY the Invite if it is not to sign up people?

The Invite is simply to let others know that you are in business and you do this by contacting your prospect and getting them to take the time to listen to a presentation from another source. (your upline, webinar, hotel meeting, 1 on 1 meeting, etc.)

2 Examples of What the Invite is


If you opened a new restaurant, would you force everyone to eat there?

Or would you shy away not tell everyone about your new restaurant?


If you opened a new restaurant, you would obviously tell everyone about it.

And the same goes for your Million Dollar network marketing business.


Your goal is not to have every seed become a giant oak tree. Your goal is to spread the seeds and some will be blown away, some will be eaten by birds, some will grow a little and then some will grow into giant oak trees.

Make Life An Adventure!




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