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How Facebook Live News Feed Be Unique”



Are your Facebook posts going unnoticed in Facebook’s news feed?

Are you wondering how to get more people to pay attention?

Sharing updates that speak to your fans’ interests and that entertains can provide great opportunities for interaction.


Facebook has woven itself into the very fabric of our global community.

It provides a unique and powerful opportunity for your business to intersect with your ideal audience without that audience needing to search for you or already be thinking about you.

The downside is that you’re competing with a lot of other noise in the news feed. The key, then, is to find a way to attract your fans’ attention so your updates aren’t missed or ignored.


Understanding the Facebook Live News Feed can be complicated. And if you’re a small business owner, you might not understand why your content gets lost in the vastness of the Facebook News Feed. Many businesses have tried their hand at social media with little to no avail. Mainly, it is due to the fact that they are not knowledgeable on how to make posts relevant to their consumer. What are you doing to insure that your Facebook posts are getting the attention they deserve?

Before we get into the reasons as to why the content on social media is important, lets log onto Facebook. What do you see? A friends witty status update about what they ate for lunch. Scroll down a little more and you’ll find pictures from another friend’s Vegas vacation, links from websites posted by another friend, more status updates, posts from television or movies fan pages, and content from a business they “liked.”

Logging on to Facebook can be overwhelming but what’s the one thing that every Facebook user experiences every time they log in? The News Feed. Facebook compiles content and updates from all of your friends, interests, and pages and displays the most relevant content for you to read. That’s a lot of stuff and it’s tough to figure out how to make sure your content makes the cut. Not only that, but you can see how posts from a small business can get overlooked or not shown at all when browsing the News Feed.

In order for a small business to stand out, the content has to be relevant to the user’s life or they will just pass it by and slowly stop showing up. Do you log onto Facebook to see how the stocks look or what interest rates are going for? No, of course not. You log on to see what your friends did today or to watch the funny post your friend “liked.”

That being said, a small business has to post applicable content their followers can use in their day-to-day life. Here’s 12 simple tips to help your Facebook posts be successful and relevant to keep your small business posts showing up in the Facebook Live News Feed.

Unfortunately, many businesses have yet to learn how to engage socially on Facebook. They still post too many self-serving updates that don’t connect with their audience. I’ve been guilty of this, and perhaps you have been too!

On Facebook, the primary reason people are there is to be entertained. So obviously for businesses, being too salesy isn’t going to work.

Does that mean your Facebook presence is a waste of time? No way! It’s a prime opportunity for what I call attraction marketing—sharing content that is helpful, social and serves your audience, not product-specific to your business.

Attraction marketing is discovery, awareness and an initial touch point. As users engage with your content (i.e., likes, shares and comments), you create affinity and trust, ultimately creating a quality, engaged audience that’s ready for building social relationships.

Additionally, that increased engagement is a signal to Facebook that your page updates are interesting to your fans. Facebook, in turn, makes sure your updates appear more in the news feeds of engaged users.

Let’s look at ways businesses are successfully using attraction marketing as a key part of their Facebook efforts.

facebook live news feed

#1: Value Is Key

The content a small business posts must be valuable and helpful to their audience. One of the benefits of social media relevance is it can help a business connect with users on a personal level. So share things that are related to what you do, but without trying to sell your business. Try sharing things that will help your audience and engage them.

#2: Be Consistent

Best practices are to post content three to five times a week. Any more and users will feel like you are filling up their Newsfeed and begin to ‘unlike’. Any less and your single post will be lost throughout the weekly status updates and pictures. Also be consistent with what you post. People will follow you based on the interesting content you share and will expect to get more of the same.

#3: People Like Branding

This isn’t to be confused with branding as in advertising, but rather branding as in your company culture. People enjoy being part of a business that brands itself proactively. Studies have shown that people would rather give money to a business with an active Facebook page. So make it social! Take photos of company events, post links to fun things you’re doing, and try uploading a video or two.

#4: Be Visual

Content with a picture will stand out as the user scrolls unconsciously through their Facebook live  News feed. Also, content with a photo is ‘liked’ 2x more than text only content.

So when you go to post for your small business on your Facebook page, remember to try and help your audience, sharing content that they will find interesting, inspiring, and that doesn’t try to “sell” your business.

#5: The Pure Fun Post

As I mentioned, one of the prime reasons people visit Facebook is to be entertained. You can certainly create fun, entertaining posts around your brand, but don’t be afraid to post things that are unrelated.

screaming owl facebook attraction update

Attraction post offering engagement and enticing shares.

In the example above, a boutique serving moms and tots posted a fun update that wasn’t directly related to their brand, but incorporated a fun challenge that their audience would enjoy.

The post ultimately resulted in significant engagement and likely kept their fans coming back for more.

#6: The Related Event Post

The related event post takes some creativity, but when done right it’s a real winner. Use a common event that the masses would know about and tie that to the business or organization in some way (e.g., apparel stores making a connection with the Olympics).

The Wilderness Society has a mission to preserve America’s wild lands. When they posted the update below, they connected it to the Oscars and posted it a few hours prior to the ceremony.

the wilderness society facebook related event update

Tie your business to well-known upcoming events as a form of attraction marketing.

The post clearly is not salesy, but it brings attention to specific national parks that the Wilderness Society serves, while capitalizing on a popular event. The update drew Facebook users in and those users ultimately engaged with the content.

#7: The Incentive Post

This post is one of my favorites because you offer a free incentive that serves multiple purposes.

This post by Enchanting Lawyer promotes a recent podcast episode and an opportunity to download a free copy of a book. When a viewer clicks the link, he lands on a Facebook tab app with a like-gate; anyone wanting to download the book must become a page fan first.

enchanting lawyer facebook incentive update

Audiences appreciate incentives that tie your business’ mission to helpful, valuable content.

Enchanting Lawyer’s Facebook page focuses on helping law firms grow their practice with the use of social media. The post above fits their mission and is a low-key form of lead capture with attraction.

By offering a free copy of a new book, they’re encouraging more podcast downloads and increased interest—which can lead to new fans as well.

#8: The Giveaway Post

Since Facebook made the change in promotion rules last year, now companies can run simple giveaways via a post from their business page. These posts invite users to enter a giveaway by having them like or comment on a post.

The value in giveaways is that they are a fast form of engagement. Ultimately that helps build your audience’s affinity, and again, signals to Facebook that the posts from your page are important to that Facebook user.

race for the fallen facebook give away update

Timeline giveaways offer a simple way to yield great engagement.

The primary ways to ensure a successful giveaway are tying the contest to your business services and limiting the time to enter. This post from Race for the Fallen is a great example.

For example, if a restaurant hosts a giveaway, an Amazon gift card doesn’t tie into their business. Instead, it makes more sense to give away a gift card to the restaurant itself.

Page giveaways are best done in a matter of hours and definitely not lasting for days. Use a sense of urgency to encourage a quick response.

#9: The Shareable Quote Post

Remember I said one of the main reasons people are on Facebook is to be entertained? People love inspirational quotes that motivate them or elicit a particular emotion, which in turn can lead to post interaction, especially shares.

A Facebook share plays a huge part in social proof and can result in many new friends of fans finding (and liking) your page. These new eyes are an opportunity for you to start the relationship-building process.

amanda brazel facebook sharable quote update

Quotes in images can inspire shares and help you reach friends of fans.

In the example above, Amanda Brazel is offering small business social media consulting, training and services. The update is inspirational in nature and speaks to her targeted entrepreneurial clients who, in turn, did an outstanding job of sharing it further.

#10: The Invitation Post

Provide a specific call to action such as asking your fans to like, comment on or share an image or update. The key to your fans following through on your simple yet direct request is to share something that catches their attention.

inbound zombie facebook invitation to action update

Invitations to take action drive engagement and reach new people.

John Haydon works with nonprofits and his Facebook update above is somewhat connected to his business purpose, yet serves to reach a broad audience, ultimately driving more discovery of John and his services.

#11: The “Behind the Curtain” Post

Sharing behind-the-scenes action to show your company’s culture grabs fans’ attention and makes them feel more connected to you.

georgetown bagelry facebook behind the curtain update

Behind-the-scenes video with games like Name That Tune inspire action on your posts!

Georgetown Bagelry posts fun videos like Name That Tune. The result is a laugh, more likes, more comments and quite a few shares, all of which accomplish the attraction marketing goals of connecting and engaging (and don’t forget entertaining!).

#12facebook post in news feed: The Branded Image Post

Branded image updates are simple posts that include a related hashtag and focus on shares.

As you can see below, Legendary Whitetails doesn’t give a direct sales message, but the attraction impact is huge. They know their audience and play to their interests as well as their emotions.

legendary whitetail facebook branded image update

A branded photo that appeals to your audience’s core interests along with a direct message to share results in powerful attraction.

Not only does Legendary Whitetails incorporate a quote with a visual, they include a logo and URL on the image as well. Any shares immediately tie the update to their brand.

Branded images are a brilliant, low-key way for any company to connect with their fans and expand their reach. Now that’s the power of Facebook right before your eyes!


Not every type of attraction post works for every business. Your success relies on knowing your audience and finding ways to be entertaining, relevant, helpful and authentic.

Giving your audience content they value results in more social proof, and ultimately, more overall interaction and more fans.

I hope these ideas and examples of Facebook posts have your creative juices flowing and you’re thinking about ways you can adapt them for your business so you reach new ideal Facebook users, and provide additional touch points that ultimately strengthen your Facebook sales funnel.

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