Can Money Solve Problems ?


Do you think money solves problems?

Money cannot solve all of your problems Just because you have a business idea or even a new company doesn’t mean that you should start looking for funding right away to make it happen
Most people do.  Especially entrepreneurs.  The following is a very common thought process of an entrepreneur:

“If I only had $_____________ (some amount of money) then I could _______________________” (some sort of dream, improvement, or achievement)

This is a very dangerous way to think.  It implies that money solves problems.  And that’s just not the case.

Money does not solve problems – people and creativity solve problems.  If money solved problems, then we could solve problems by simply throwing enough money at them.

When we look at some examples, we see that isn’t the case.

Cancer?  USA alone spends an estimated $200,000,000,000 annually, and to date our most popular protocol is chemotherapy, a technology that was invented over 50 years ago

Poverty? USA alone spend $451,900,000,000 annually on welfare / social aid programs , and another $43,000,000,000 annually in foreign aid (as of 2007) And yet, the trend in 2009 was MORE poverty, not less, on the horizon and  in Africa it is worse .  As it turned out, that was an optimistic perspective… turns out that the poverty rate is around 15% now (not the predicted 9.9 % from 2009

Security and safety?  USA spend nearly a trillion dollars annually on defense.  $903,200,000,000 to be specific   The threat of terrorism, war, and conflict is as high as ever.

Don’t get confused – this isn’t a political post.  And it’s not to say money doesn’t matter (it does).  It takes money to buy things.  It takes money to pay people, create an economy, etc.  Money motivates.  I’m a fan of money :)

But that’s not the point.  The point is that money (even lots and lots of money) doesn’t solve problems.

Money won’t fix a budgeting problem – a good budget fixes a budgeting problem.

Money won’t fix a bad habit – good habits fix bad habits.

Money won’t fix a marketing problem – good marketing fixes a marketing problem. Money is useful in the ways that it’s useful, and that’s it.

It’s never the deciding factor, and it’s never a substitute for human creativity and ingenuity.

The answer isn’t money.

The answer is people.

The answer is you. 

Your energy, your creativity, your enthusiasm, your time,the way you share ideas for improvement,motivate others

That’s what has, and always will, solve problems.

So the next question is this:

Knowing that money won’t solve your problems, what can you do today to creatively solve a problem in your business?

In your neighborhood?

In your community?

In your workplace?

In your marriage?

In your church?

In your class?

In your life?

If you wake up and ask yourself this question every day, you might soon find that you don’t have that many problems left to solve.  And I think we can all agree; that would be a nice problem to have :)

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